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Here you can find calculators and tools relating to construction and building.

wall r value cross section

Wall R-Value Calculator for Wood Framed Walls

This wall R-value calculator will estimate the total effective R-value for any wood stud framed wall. Assumptions: The wall is ...
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height of outlet over counter

Standard Heights for Light Switches, Outlets & More

Here you can find standard heights for light switches, outlets, countertops, vanities, showerheads and shower valves, tables, stools, wall sconces, ...
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post hole diagram cross section

Post Hole Calculator for Concrete Embedded Posts

With this post hole calculator you can estimate the diameter, depth, and amount of concrete/gravel needed for post installation. To ...
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plywood factory

Plywood Weight Calculator for CDX, OSB & More

The plywood weight calculator below will help estimate the total weight of any size and any type of plywood product ...
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whitewood lumber

Lumber Weight & Volume Calculator for Any Wood Species

The lumber weight and volume calculator below will estimate the weight, board feet, volume (cft), specific gravity, and density of ...
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boulder wall

Boulder Wall Calculator for Retaining Walls

With the boulder wall calculator below you can estimate the tons of boulders needed for a boulder retaining wall. You ...
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gallery hanging measurements

Picture Hanging Calculator with Gallery Spacings

This picture hanging calculator will give you the locations where the nail(s)/screw(s) should be fastened on the wall. It will ...
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ceiling fan diagram

Ceiling Fan Downrod Length Calculator

With this ceiling fan downrod length calculator you can estimate the minimum and maximum size downrod needed for your ceiling ...
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french drain cross section

French Drain Gravel Calculator

With this French drain calculator you can estimate the cubic feet, yards, and tons of gravel needed for installation. Just ...
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PVC Pipe Calculator (Outside and Inside Diameter)

Here you can calculate the wall thickness, weight per foot, rated pressure, outside diameter, and inside diameter of PVC pipe ...
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